JOHN BOHANNON is a fine art photographer based in Atlanta, GA. He was born in Florida in 1967, and discovered photography at a very young age - A Kodak 110 camera was his first. He would photograph odd angled palm trees, his dog Tuna and his feet. However, his parents never understood the photographs for what they were and subsequently reminded him of the cost of the film. John was always involved in art related activities throughout his youth, and later in adulthood. At 12 his family moved to Northwest Georgia and after high school John moved to Atlanta.
For many years he worked in corporate positions, but 7 years ago re-discovered photography and has since focused on image making as his primary expressive medium. Since his first show in 2005, he has participated in numerous photography shows and collaborative projects with fellow photographers. His work is in the permanent collection at MOCAGA and has been used commercially in corporate and hospitality projects.
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