The work of mixed-media and street artist, DAMON GINANDES, blurs the boundaries of the two and three dimensional through various techniques and materials. Weaving the figurative with abstraction, seemingly flat lines and forms protrude and expand beyond the spaces in which they are formed. Caught in this spatial ambiguity his starkly silent, yet intensely present characters attempt to to break free from their own confines, a physical manifestation of a desire to transcend the isolation of the self.

In sharp contrast to a culture in which individual meaning and identity are often defined by social networks and packaged narratives, Ginandes strips away context and external reference to create portraits of souls – ageless, anonymous, and solitary. Despite an otherworldly appearance, their longing stares are truly human and provide a mute communication from which a distinct visual and psychological intimacy emerges.

Ginandes currently lives and works in New York City, home of his numerous large-scale public murals and installations. Additionally, he has exhibited his studio work in art centers such as New York, Las Angeles, and London and his pieces can be found private collections in the US, Europe, and the Middle East. Visit his website at www.damonginandes.com.
Far SightShelterVigilWaiting Guard