We Like It Here
where time does not live,
immune from seasons, everyday
is more or less humid, is a movie
always created and cut of a set world
where days are sunny and 80 degrees,
a neighbor’s trees burst with ripe fruit,
and trainers tempt housewives into bed.

The kids wake and pull us out of bed
to ask for necessary things like milk and fruit,
and we do everything for them by degrees,
and it’s the easiest thing in the world
for us to stay like this, in this movie
that is not a movie but everyday,
where time passes but does not live.
CATHERINE ESPOSITO PRESCOTT received an MFA in Creative Writing- Poetry from New York University, and her poems have appeared in American Poetry Journal, Linebreak, No Tell Motel, Spoon River Poetry Review, Rattle and other places. Catherine lives in Miami Beach, FL with her husband and three children.