Winter is Thin
Der Winter ist Dünn

by Petra Klein
German trans., Colleen Marie Ryor
Fall 2000
Report on the Ogaden

by Athur Rimbaud
English trans., Mark Spitzer*
Winter 2000
*The Adirondack Review is pleased to bring you this Rimbaud piece which had previously never been translated into English. Exquisite Corpse's Mark Spitzer translates from the original French.
by Christine Lavant
English trans., David Chorlton
Fall 2001
by Hans Raimund
English trans., David Chorlton
Summer 2001
Ich hoere kommen
I Hear the Heavy Moon

Wenn du mich
Let Me In

Zerschlage die Glocke
Shatter the Bell
Ueber die vier Stufen (,,Vater 1")
Down the Four Steps ("Father 1")

Schokolade War (,,Vater 2")
Chocolate Was ("Father 2")

89 war er (,,Vater 3")
He Was 89 ("Father 3")
Ein Gleiches

by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
English trans., Brigitte Dubiel
Winter 2000
Das Lied des Blinden
Blindman's Song

by Rainer Maria Rilke
English trans., Marc Ponomareff Winter 2000
Arthur Rimbaud
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