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Featured Poet
James Owens
James Owens
French & German
John Palcewski
Oddly Familiar
George McCall
Move On
John Palcewski
Castello Aragonese
The Adirondack Review
Summer 2002
Volume III, No. 1
Bani Kinnison
Nude on Bed
Paul A. Toth
Lend Me a Hand, Johnny Cash
Robert von Dassanowsky
Four Poems by Oskar Marischler-Rotterheim (translated from the German)
Edward Byrne
Rafting the Rapids
The Motorcyclist Seeks Refuge
R.L. Swihart
De Profundis (For Georg Trakl)
Pamela Cranston
Before I Die
Felicia Sullivan
The Tourists
Mark Richner
Denise Flaim
Luane Mazzella
What You Need Ain't in Walkill
John Sweet
In Which Joan of Arc, at the Moment of Her Martyrdom, Sees
the Future Laid Bare
Nolan Deweese
Last Slip of Paper in the Idea Jar
Chris Kocek
Approaching Storm
The Adirondack Review
Nathan Hoks
Cast Iron Parachute
The Flaming Bourgeoisie
Ann Lederer
White Flight
Vagabonds' Pilgrimage
Avik Chanda
Composition in Blue
Jonathan Allison
Old Derry's Walls
Durlabh Singh
Musical Still Life
Valerie Polichar
Pablo Casals' Hands
ISSN: 1533-2063
Ian Randall Wilson
Without Photosynthesis
A Reunion of Fellow Truckers
James Owens
Fourteen Poems
Interview with James Owens
by Ace Boggess
Prasenjit Maiti
From "Roopsa & I"
Kenneth Pobo
Your Yes
Jorge Sánchez
The Road Out
Richard P. Goodwin
J.P. Dancing Bear
Making Art
Because Coltrane
Danielle McShine
The Moon Only Shines in July and Other Bedtime Stories
Tobias Seamon
The Unseen, Engaged
Orpheus, Asleep, Sees All in a Dream
Josie A. Okuly
Nicholas Allen Harp
June Dismissal
The Evening Sun by David Lehman
Anonymous Or by Allan Peterson
Chris Barnett
A Praying Mantis in New York
Doug Tanoury
Galina Vromen
In Search of a Good Woman
Eman Quotah
Al-Khansaa Composes One Last Elegy
Natalia Michalev
MOVE ON by George T. McCall
David Barnes
An Old Man Ruminates
The Mating Game
Lola Haskins
Five Small Sketches
Tiffany Dozier
Clint's Lips
Walt McDonald
Blizzards When I Was Ten
Grandfather's Ranch on the Plains
The Guests at the Gate by Anthony Piccione
Barbara Lefcowitz
The Dream-Stone of the Very Old
Cassandra's Emeralds
Ernest Slyman
Cause & Effect
Foreign Language
Adirondack Voices
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Stephen Newton
In Spite of the Fact That You Didn't Run Off
Christina Kapp
  Night Dive
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Joseph Bienvenu
We Like Your Pants
Boy With a Hat
Fall 2002 Issue Evolving Now
including work by

Chase Twichell, Featured Poet
Marck Beggs
Katherine Darnell
Donald Dewey
Richard Fein
Lola Haskins
Peter Klein
Christine Boyka Kluge
Barbara Lefcowitz      
Walt McDonald
Silvia Brandon Pérez
Marianne Poloskey
Kathryn Rantala   
Ian Randall Wilson

and others...
Michaela Gabriel
Two Original Poems in German
In Memoriam: September 11, 2001