This Father Noah knew:
that every father is a Noah,
ready, axe in hand, gopher-
wood cut in stacks, looking
for the chance to save the world.

This Father Noah hoped:
that every Noah fails,
that every Noah tries, in vain
at first, to convince his wife

That every Noah is a prophet,
that every Noah sees the future
and the future a box of oceans,
tumult of tempests, vermin

on the back of the dove, the dove
the salvation of the world.

Jorge Sánchez
JORGE SANCHEZ is a graduate of the University of Michigan's Master¹s of Fine Arts program in Creative Writing, and currently teaches at Loyola University, Ida Crown Jewish Academy and Hebrew Theological College. His poems have appeared in Iowa Review, Hotel Amerika, Sonora Review, The Adirondack Review, Crab Orchard Review, Poetry East, Iron Horse Literary Review, Columbia Poetry Review, The Bathyspheric Review and nidus. His work is forthcoming in Indiana Review, Seneca Review, and Puerto del Sol. In February of 2004 his poem "Moro or Congrí," was featured on PoetryDaily, and his manuscript, Non-Cartoon World, was a Finalist for the 2004 Autumn House Prize in Poetry. This is his fourth appearance in The Adirondack Review.
The St. Lawrence Book Award
The St. Lawrence Book Award
The St. Lawrence Book AwardThe St. Lawrence Book AwardThe St. Lawrence Book Award
The St. Lawrence Book Award
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