A native of Southern California, REN ADAMS has been working in the visual arts for more than 20 years, with an emphasis on painting and printmaking. Her work combines traditional and emerging techniques in printmaking, painting and digital art with an insatiable desire to document the interconnection of all things.

As a Taoist, her work is both a form of moving meditation and an analysis of the Tao itself, investigating concepts of balance, harmony, enlightenment, consciousness, and time, while celebrating the ordinary as extraordinary. Through “li,” or “vigorous strength,” lines and forms are expressive, conveying a sense of immediacy that unites philosophy, history, nature and mysticism. 

Adams’ work is influenced by traditional Chinese, Japanese, Persian, Indian, and Egyptian painting and printmaking. In addition, she finds a strong attraction to the works of Brice Marden, Wassily Kandinsky, Shiko Munakata, Franz Kline, Shitao, the German Expressionists, Abstract Expressionism and ancient cave frescoes. Blending historical forms with the inundation of contemporary media, internet and pop culture, Ren follows Baudelaire's suggestion that "originality comes from the seal which time imprints on our senses." Each piece may draw upon the past, exist in the present, and recognize the future, but it is the result of eyes and hands affected by years of exposure to the world and information in a unique way.

Her current projects combine printmaking with traditional Chinese brush painting, Eastern philosophy, science and archaeology. Her primary body of work (and thesis), The Archaeology of Being, is an expansive show which discusses the nature of existence and form through experimental prints and mixed media. The Archaeology of Being project culminated in a solo exhibit, thesis and a public artist talk presented at the University of New Mexico. In addition to producing several new themed series and exploring various methods of hybrid printmaking, Adams recently completed an internship at Tamarind Institute, was heavily active in the UNM print department, has participated in a number of print exchanges and group exhibitions and recently completed an honor's thesis in printmaking.

Originally devoted to the performing arts, poetry and humanities, Adams received her BFA in Studio Art (printmaking concentration) from the University of New Mexico, She also has a degree in English, with a minor in anthropology. She teaches classes in art and humanities through the University of New Mexico and her private studio. 

Adams served as the publicist for the Factory on 5th Art Space in Albuquerque, New Mexico, were she was also Assistant Show Coordinator under Robert Redus. She was co-founder and President of the Duke City Renegades Art Guild and founded The Wooden Cow Gallery and Art Space, a massive co-operative project. Adams served as gallery President and Advertising Director during early operations and was responsible for a variety of inventive fundraising techniques. Adams is a member of the Chinese Brush Painting Society of Kyoto, The Southern Graphics Council International (printmaking), and the Golden Key International Honors Society. She has also worked as a printer's and artist's assistant to Shaurya Kumar and completed an internship at Tamarind Institute in 2011.

Adams has also worked in event coordination and has been responsible for the creation and execution of a number of themed shows and exhibits. She has participated in several print exchanges and has given lectures, demos, and presentations on printmaking, art and the humanities in various professional settings. Adams’s work appears in a variety of publications, textbooks, magazines and nonfiction editions. 

Adams was born in 1974 in Los Angeles County, California. Her parents (Rosalie Adams Rushing and Craige Adams) are also artists in the Los Angeles area.