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RAIJA JOKINEN holds an MA at the University of Arts and Design Helsinki (Aalto University) and her background is in textile arts.

In her artwork, Jokinen uses a technique she developed that combines painting, drawing, papermaking, embroidery, and textiles to explore the borderlines of physical and immaterial feelings.

Visually her works are often based on body-related details, such as skin, blood vessels, and nerve tracks, and they intersect with the forms of roots or branches without representing either of them. She utilizes their apparent similarity and infinite variation together with the life-support functions they represent and how these visual allegories can be found in almost all living organisms. 

Her works may reveal the idea with a figurative or an abstract, many-faced and delicate manner. By breaking intangible things into pieces and, in a way, renaming or reorganizing them by using the material structure, she looks for analogies to the material and immaterial structures and the closest features appear in own our bodies. Very often in these cases, the question arises about what is really tangible and what is not, and where is the borderline between physical things and emotions.

Jokinen lives and works in Helsinki and Sipoo, Finland.
Maan voima / The Strength of the Earth
(2015, 66 x 62 cm)
pellavakuitu / flax
Papyruksen sini / The Blue of Papyrus
(2015, 44 x 92 cm)
pellavakuitu / flax
Rajanylittäjä / Crossing a Border
(2015, 64x 98 cm)
pellavakuitu / flax
Odottaja / Waiting
(2015, 59 x 113 cm)
pellavakuitu / flax