Container Laws

You listen to an interview with a woman deported to Mexico who was forced to leave her three children a. behind or b. in front of her in the United States. Woman deported or deported woman, can a person become irreversibly attached to an adjective? When becoming a state. A liquid conforms to its container. Her eldest daughter did not like to visit because when she did, with her baby, she a. stayed for months at a time or b. bypassed physics. The laws of the universe. A liquid confirms to its... grandma comfort. Then the woman cooked and cooked, but they didn't come. Temporary forgiveness impedes dailiness unbothered. Babies do not haunt their mothers in fear of being loved too much. A storage room sits a. full of empty boxes, b. full of space.

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KAROLINA ZAPAL is an itinerant poet, essayist, translator, and author of Polalka (Spuyten Duyvil, 2018). Her second book, Notes for Mid-birth, is forthcoming from Inside the Castle in late 2019. She is collaborating with the poet CA Conrad on translating their book, The Book of Frank, into Polish. Her work is forthcoming from Posit and 3:AM Magazine and has appeared in Flock, The Manhattanville Review, Bone Bouquet, Foglifter, Witness, Bombay Gin, and others. Her website is