You called last night to say you were standing at the edge of a pool. 
You were already undressed, 
And the only light was the light coming from the large television being watched next door. 
You wanted to say you had never done this before, 
And that you were excited. 
I kidded you by saying you wouldn’t go through with it. 
That even a heated pool in the middle of summer would be too cold for you. 
But you swore that you would. 
You said you’d send me a photograph after you had gone gone through with it. 
I heard the joy in your voice for hours after we spoke. 
In sleep I watched as you moved beneath the surface of the water, 
A backyard mermaid finally, 
After too many years, 
Fully in love with her body. 
When I woke in the middle of the night for a glass of water, 
The moon was shaped like a fin, 
And the stars drew the white silhouette of a nude in the sky. 
You were everywhere.

Work from KAREEM TAYYAR's most recent book, Magic Carpet Poems (Tebot Bach Books), has been featured on The Writer’s Almanac With Garrison Keillor, and his previous collections include Follow the Sun (Aortic Books), Postmark Atlantis (Level 4 Press) and Scenes From A Good Life (Tebot Bach Books). He is a Professor of English at Golden West College and received his PhD in American Literature from UC Riverside.
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