When a Columbia MFA student took on fiction editorial duties for The Adirondack Review during her summer break to fill a need in 2002, editor Colleen Marie Ryor decided to create internships at the magazine for eligible students around the country. The first internship position opened during the winter of 2003, with an undergraduate from University at Buffalo earning three academic credits towards her English Literature degree for her work at the Review. TAR has worked with interns from schools across the country including theUniversity of New Orleans, the University of Wisconsin, Kenyon College, Sarah Lawrence College, and Portland State University, and the University of Michigan. 

TAR is currently offering three to four unpaid college internships in the form of editorial assistant positions for interested students. Graduate students are also welcome to apply. 

The Adirondack Review is looking for flexible, mature students who are capable of working independently. Computer literacy is a must, as is Internet access.  Since The Adirondack Review is exclusively an online publication at this time, most work can be completed by computer, enabling students to remain on campus during the internship. 

Who is eligible to apply?

Applicants with an ideal background will be well acquainted with modern and contemporary poetry and fiction, show an eagerness to work independently for a literary publication, and have exceptional research and communication skills.

All students in the liberal arts and sciences are eligible to apply; however, students majoring in English, American Studies, Comparative Literature, Art, French, or German will likely be given preference. We may also consider a student majoring in arts administration or non-profit management. 

A written essay and two letters of reference are required in order to be considered.

Hours:  Flexible.  All internships are part-time.  Students will be expected to work between eight and twenty-four hours per week from their home or school computer. Students may also be required to do library and/or Internet research from time to time. Contact with Adirondack Review editors several times per week is mandatory.

Duration:  One to two semesters

Internship Possibilities: 
We accept interns to work in areas of fiction, poetry, or editorial. Fiction and poetry interns at The Adirondack Review work independently to read and evaluate submissions, working with the fiction or poetry editor to evaluate the best submissions and ultimately choose which will be published. General editorial interns work with the Managing Editor, as well as other staff, to assist with website maintenance, social networking, marketing & outreach, and research. Many interns, in all three fields, are also given the opportunity to work directly with authors to prepare their work for publication in The Adirondack Review.

Payment:  None. The Adirondack Review, like the vast majority of literary publications in the United States, is a labor of love. We seek to provide eligible students an opportunity to work for a growing literary magazine in order to gain the experience in publishing that is often hard to come by. Working from home or school is an added bonus: there is no need to relocate. Interns will likely be able to garner  praise in the form of employment recommendations upon completion of their internships, and will also have gained something meaningful to add to their résumés. Interns also frequently earn academic credit for their work at The Adirondack Review.

What are the deadlines for applying for an internship?

Applications are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. If interested in your application, The Adirondack Review  will contact you via e-mail or telephone to arrange an interview, also to be conducted via e-mail or telephone.

Contact Editor Angela Leroux-Lindsey for more information.
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