This series of drawings by Brooklyn-based artist FRIESE UNDINE, titled "Schreberismus," is inspired by Daniel Paul Schreber's "Memoirs of my Nervous Illness." Schreber was a German judge who after suffering a nervous breakdown in 1884 was institutionalized, finally being placed in Sonnenstein castle near Dresden. In his book he tells the reader that he had become the last living human on earth and all of the human forms around him were reanimated corpses, or “fleeting improvised men”. It was his mission to repopulate the earth. He would do this concentrating his mental energy on his body, making his breasts expand and hips broaden thereby seducing God who would inseminate him. Schreber would then give birth to a new race of beings. Also, befitting the Biblical scope of his mission and his role as a prophet he must become Jewish. This and many other miracles took place around him, in every part of his body and in distant reaches of the universe. These drawings are based on some of the miracles Schreber describes. The medium is ink and spray paint on aluminum. The quotes accompanying the drawings are from the 1988 edition of the Memoirs from Harvard University Press.
Page 148. “Nothing could be envisaged as a further consequence of unmanning but fertilization by divine rays for the purpose of creating new human beings.”
Page 127. “…God not knowing how to treat a human being, as He was accustomed to dealing only with corpses…”
Page 135. “One therefore attempted to pump the spinal cord out, which was done by so-called ‘little men’ placed in my feet”
Page 112. (footnote) “…friendly souls always tended more towards the region of my sexual organs…whereas inimical souls always aspired towards my head…”Page 189-90.  “When god was unfriendly towards me earwigs, spiders, etc. appeared… butterflies…appeared when god was friendly”.
Page 121. (Miracled birds took) “… the poison of corpses… from celestial bodies”.  Page 208.  “I have to imagine myself as a man and a woman in one person having intercourse with myself”.