Istvan (CHAOTIC ATMOSHPHERES) is a digital artist who creates digital worlds using maths and procedural functions. After his studies in the Fine Arts School of Geneva, he moved to Paris, where he finished his formation on a private school of fashion design. He then worked as a graphic designer for five years in Paris and in the luxury watch sector in Geneva. 

After these formative years, he decided to get back to the first time: his will to “design pictures with computers.” At this time, digital art was only a passion, but in which he already put a lot of work and personal feelings. Then he applied to his passion what he learnt by working for industries: thinking in terms of projects, following them until the end, not losing sight of the final message…During these years, he developed his early experimentations until they grew up as true subjects of pictures. This work led him to a reveal a very personal universe, surrealistic, “out of time,” made by computer calculation buy yet lifelike and natural. See more: