Security Questions

Who is your favorite celebrity? 
What is the make and model of your dream car? What 
is your favorite land-dwelling animal? Where 
are we going, is it far? 

What was the last name of your academic 
advisor in college? Where does the relative 
who lives farthest away from you reside? 
Are you living, or have you died? 

What type of dog/cat food do you typically 
buy? What was the make and model 
of your first cell phone? Is it true 
that everybody living, lives alone? 

Who is your favorite artist? What 
was the first musical instrument you learned 
to play? Can we ever be forgiven 
for making that one, big mistake? 

What was the last name of your kindergarten 
teacher? What can we do in life, 
if we don’t understand the stakes? 
What was it that the serpent said 

in the garden to Eve? Why must 
we leave?

BENJAMIN HARNETT was born 1981 in Cooperstown, NY. He is a lead digital engineer for The New York Times and holds an MA in Classics from Columbia University. His essays, short-fiction, and poetry have recently appeared in Dead King Magazine, Queen Mob's Tea House, Brooklyn Quarterly, Pithead Chapel, and Moon City Review. He lives in Beacon, NY with his wife Toni and their pets.
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