Where We Once Burned

Now it is a harkless moon, 
Drowned near the chapel where we used to pray; 
You can still see the bones of carousels, 
Spinning slower than ever—still enamored with constancy; 
The dust of a stale ale collects in my throat 
Liquor of my home—beauty of before 
When the verdant stalks forget to be green 
Instead they burn—we burn as we remember 
Our darling lost kingdoms, kneeling 
Softly against trampled ground 
Heads bloodied and bruised to 
The faceless men who let Nobody 
Stand upon cursed realm.

ALLISON CHEN is a writer from Queen Creek, Arizona. She has been published or forthcoming publication in Paha Review, Canvas Literary Journal, Shine: Best Arizona Teen Writing of 2016, Brush Talks Magazine, The Writer's Slate, and The Coleridge Bulletin. Her work has been recognized by the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards, Mount Mercy University, Skipping Stones Youth Honor Awards, Friends of Coleridge, and the Live Poets Society of New Jersey.
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