​Paint Paint Paint

Surrounded by it in the family studio with my grandfather ever since I was small I watched pictures be created, canvases and colors made ready, exhibitions...and long conversations about painters and their works.

And above all that smell, that smell of oil and turpentine, that gets in your blood and makes you paint…And there is no going back.

My training as an artist, very marked by the figure of painters—Velázquez, Picasso, Klee—more than by styles or trends, explains part of my work.

The series “Meninas” is inspired by the painting “LAS MENINAS” by Velázquez (Museo del Prado, Madrid). Starting from the silhouette of the “Menina” figure, the author creates a new meaning. His language is symbolism.

Actually these women do not exist. The artist makes a tribute to the woman as a mother and mother earth. Woman is the daughter of the earth-mother-nature. The mystery of Life.

Alfredo Palmero