translated by ALECSEI DURBEW

The Adirondack Review
The noise subsides. I walk onto the stage.
While leaning on the lining of the door,
I try to, in a far-off echo, gauge
what will, within my life and age, occur.

Ay me, I'm pinned by night's eternal show;
a thousand op'ra glasses point at me. 
If you are able, Abba Father, o,
please take this cup I do not want to drink.

I love your hard, unwavering design;
and I'm content to play my given role.
But now another play unfolds in time,
and just this once, I beg, release my soul.

But this predestined plot proceeds undone;
and I can't change the course that I am on.
I'm all alone, sunk in oblivion.
Life's not a walk across a field with dawn.


Гул затих. Я вышел на подмостки.
Прислонясь к дверному косяку,
Я ловлю в далеком оттолоке,
что случится на моем веку.

На меня наставлен сумпак ночи
тысячью биноклей на оси.
Если только можно, Абба Отче,
чашу ету мимо пронеси.

Я люблю твой замысел упрямый
и играть согласен ету роль.
Но сейчас идет другая драма,
и на єтот раз меня уволъ.

Но продуман распорпядок действий,
И неотвратим конец пути.
Я один, все тонет в фариисействе.
Жизнъ прожитъ—не поле перейти.

​BORIS PASTERNAK (1890-1960) was a renowned Russian poet, novelist, and translator. His many works, including the poetry collection My Sister, Life, and novel Doctor Zhivago, are considered among the most influential in the Russian language. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1958.

ALECSEI DURBEW is a poet enthralled by Russia's powerful poetic impulse. His deepest influences include Romantics, like Pushkin, Tyutchev, and Lermontov, Acmeists, Symbolists, and Futurists, like Bunin, Blok, Akhmatova, Pasternak, Mayakovsky, and Postmodernists, like Nabokov and Brodsky.