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Born in Aberdeen, Scotland, STEPHEN HALL moved to New York in 1978 and began exhibiting his work in the East Village in the early 80's.  Since then his work has been featured in exhibits throughout the US, India, Japan, Korea and Mexico. His work is part of numerous corporate and private collections and has been featured in major motion pictures, music videos and magazines. Mr. Hall has illustrated numerous book covers for internationally published authors. "Red House Mystery" A.A. Milne, "High Rise" J.G. Ballard and "A Can of Worms" by Russell Greenan to name a  few.

There are no digital prints, photographs, collage, airbrush or projections involved in his work.  The subjects and ambiguous light sources are hand painted rows and rows of acrylic colors or tones, going from dark to light in countless layers. All the patterns are drawn first around a cardboard template upon the background field color and then painted tonally to match the background.  Each painting can take anywhere from three to six weeks to execute, depending on the size.

Stephen Hall is an artist with a unique aesthetic sensibility.  His paintings confront us with complex conundrums for which each of many possible solutions may very well tell us as much about ourselves as about the subject at hand. See more of his work at